We are delighted to offer sustainably sourced printing, making an ethical stance with support from ClimatePartner.

As a society, we have never been more aware of our impact on the world, you can now actively seek out gumption as having green credentials to provide sustainable climate neutral printing.

What is climate neutral printing?

Climate neutral printing offsets the exact amount of green house gases emitted during the production of your printed product. At gumption design, with help from ClimatePartner, we calculate the CO2 emissions of the specific printed product. This includes the emissions of the raw materials, printing and transportation.

Each process is taken into account. The CO2 emissions are offset by supporting a recognised carbon offset project that reduces CO2 emissions effectively.

Climate Neutral Printing

What is a carbon offset project?

Carbon offset projects help other people in this world to enjoy better living conditions. Since they also demonstrably save greenhouse gas emissions, they protect the climate. By supporting these projects, you can offset the emissions that you currently cannot avoid generating. Without offsetting carbon, we will not achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change. We make the contribution on your behalf, we are your Partner.

Our chosen carbon offset project

Our chosen project is the Clean Oceans Plastic Bank in Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines. Waste is collected and exchanged at the local Plastic Bank branches for money, food, drinking water, mobile phone credit, cooking oil or even school fees. The exchange value is greater than the actual market value of plastic, meaning that people there really can live from it.

The ocean stores a quarter of the CO2 from the atmosphere and even 93.4 percent of the heat caused by the greenhouse effect - making it a major brake on climate change. Warming, overfishing, pollutants and waste endanger this balancing function. Over 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. This project makes sure that the plastic never even makes it to the sea. It is recycled and processed into what is called social plastic, which is made into new products again - ecological and socially sustainable.

Become a part of the project

By purchasing climate neutral printing you can emphasise your own sustainability and climate protection strategy to your customers. Your contribution is verified and documented, gumption design make the contribution on your behalf. On completion of the printed job we issue a certificate for the contribution along with an individual identification number for communication and monitoring.

Contact us to learn more about how gumption design can make climate neutral printing part of your climate protection strategy.

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